wtorek, 3 marca 2015


Settled in front of the comp,
My dear friend,
Staring at the screen,
In search of an email,
A word or a smile,
The harbinger of spring
Repeating like a mantra:
“Write, write to me,
Do not leave me in suspense”
I do not look my best today
Cloaked in the pallid light
Tagging at the strand of my hairs
Over and over again
Like it is at fault
That you do not appear
As the electrifying info:
“You have got one unread message”
Do you believe,
My dear friend,
That even the simplest notice
From you
And especially these simples,
Not at all the life changing ones,
That I like the most?

Wiersz przetłumaczony przez Aleksandra Janowskiego, autora najnowszej książki "Pieprz w oczach, czyli podśmiewajki"

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