środa, 17 sierpnia 2016

" Niebo płacze" - wiersz przetłumaczony przez Aleksandra Janowskiego.

The sky is crying
The window glass is glistening
Washed with my tears
I am standing getting wet
With my eyelashes down
Heavy with water
Like a butterfly’s wings
The dress sticks to my body
My braids hiding
The noticable signs of a pending cold
My body trembles
So called tears from the sky
Washing it gently
I do not know
Whether to enter
the warmness on the other side of the pane
Or pine for the sun
Or cling to your warm body
Or dance with the rays of a radiant sun
The sky is still crying
I’ll wait
I’m not in a hurry.

Dziękuję Panu :)
Zdjęcie z internetu. Moja ulubiona Aktorka:)

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